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Mumbai to be India's First Tri-Service Defence Station

By News   Desk

The Indian Armed Forces are poised to establish Mumbai as the nation's inaugural "tri-service common defence station," catering to the needs of the Army, Navy, and Indian Air Force (IAF). This strategic move aims to promote unity among the three services in anticipation of the eventual formation of integrated theatre commands.

Top military officials are currently engaged in discussions on this matter, with an official announcement expected shortly. Notably, India currently lacks any common defence stations, although the Andaman and Nicobar Command was established as a tri-service command in 2001. Efforts to enhance jointness among the services, including inter-service postings, were initiated last year.

A common defence station would consolidate all Army, Navy, and IAF facilities — encompassing logistics, infrastructure, repair and maintenance, as well as stores and supplies — to optimize resources under a unified leadership. In the case of Mumbai, the Navy is set to assume the lead role owing to its predominant presence in the city.

Presently, units of the three services are dispersed across Mumbai and its environs, operating independently. Under the proposed plan, logistics, infrastructure, and administration will be streamlined under a unified framework.

For instance, the Navy's INS Hamla and INS Karanja, responsible for logistics training and armament depot duties respectively, will collaborate with the Army's ordnance depot, air defence regiment, and IAF units to facilitate joint operations.

This integration will ensure efficient resource utilization, with common facilities such as schools, hospitals, and sports complexes accessible to personnel from all three services. Shared infrastructure, training facilities, and maintenance services will eliminate redundancy and enhance operational efficiency.

With Mumbai slated as the inaugural common defence station, Sulur (near Coimbatore) and Guwahati are being considered as potential locations for subsequent stations. Sulur is likely to be led by the IAF, while the Army is expected to spearhead the Guwahati station.