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Kannada Film Producer Soundarya Jagadish Dies Following Alleged Suicide Attempt

By News   Desk

Soundarya Jagadish, a prominent Kannada film producer and businessman, passed away on Sunday following an alleged suicide attempt at his residence in Mahalakshmi Layout, Bengaluru, according to the police and sources close to him.

Jagadish's friend, Shreyas, told reporters that the producer had attempted suicide by hanging on Sunday morning. "Jagadish has died following a suicide attempt. We brought him to the hospital, where he was declared dead. Further procedures are underway to know what was the reason. There were no health issues; we are unable to tell you the reason suddenly," Shreyas said.

Rejecting reports that Jagadish's death was due to a cardiac arrest, Shreyas clarified that the producer had attempted suicide. "On getting to know, he was immediately rushed to the hospital this morning...he had attempted suicide by hanging," he said.

Shreyas also dismissed suggestions that a recent bank notice served on Jagadish could have been the reason for the suicide attempt. "No, it has no connection with this. That issue has been there for some time now. Business issues are different," he said.

The police have launched an investigation into Jagadish's death, and his wife has filed a complaint. "We are investigating the case from all angles. Recently, his mother-in-law passed away, and he was depressed because he was attached to her. He was also under medication for stress," DCP (North) Saidulu Adavath told the media.

Jagadish, who owned a pub in the city, was also a builder and businessman in addition to being a film producer. His pub was recently involved in a controversy following late-night partying by some film personalities and crew, resulting in a temporary cancellation of its license. Jagadish had produced several Kannada films, including "Snehitaru," "Appu and Pappu," "Mast Maja Maadi," and "Ramleela."

The tragic incident has left the Kannada film industry and the community in Bengaluru deeply saddened. As the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Jagadish's death continues, the authorities have assured that all due process will be followed.