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South Korean citizen arrested in Russia on espionage suspicion

By News   Desk

South Korean citizen arrested

A South Korean citizen, identified as Park Won-soon, has been apprehended in Russia over alleged espionage, according to reports from Russian state news agency TASS on Monday.

The arrest took place in Vladivostok, a far eastern city, before the individual was moved to Moscow for further investigation. This marks the first case of such nature involving a South Korean national, although specific details about the alleged spying activities have not been disclosed.

Russia considers South Korea an "unfriendly" country due to Seoul's support for Western sanctions against Moscow concerning the conflict in Ukraine. The strained relations contrast with Russia's closer ties with North Korea, despite accusations by the United States of North Korea supplying munitions to Russia. 

Both North Korea and Russia deny these allegations while expressing a commitment to strengthening military cooperation. South Korea's Foreign Ministry has yet to comment on the incident.